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Toned and Firm Skin
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Discover the Power and Simplicy of Brazilian Clay
  • Pre- Mixed and Easy to Apply
  •  No Drips and No Mess
  •  Made with Pure Volcanic Ash 
  •  100% Natural and Earth Friendly
No More Expensive Spa Treatments!
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The New Brazilian Belle
Detox Clay Body Wraps 
Made with 4 main ingredients. 
These powerful ingredients have been used to help extract the toxins from your fat cells.
 This can eliminate excess water, reduce bloating and give you an unfair advantage to reduce the appearance of love handles, cellulite, stretch marks and get a tone and firmer skin. 
100's Of 5 Star Customer Reviews:
This was my first time that I ever tried a wrap of any kind. Wasn't sure what to expect but I waspleasantly surprised. My belly didn't disappear but the skin felt tighter. I think I am going to try it on my batwings too. I wish thatI would have started this a few months agobut oh well.
I am gonna keep trying it and see
what happens.It makes me feel better so that is what matters.

Catherine S. 
These wraps are absolutely fantastic!!There are 8 applications in the box and Ihave used (2) so far. My skin feels smoother and firmer already and I'm looking forward to my next home spa treatment.

Monica D. 
These wraps are the best thing I've invested infor weight loss and helping to heal my stretch marks!First off they are very smooth against your skinand leave your skin feeling soft and silky hoursI'm excited to order more products like thisto keep me on track on my weight loss journey!

Marie P. 
Does it come with a money back guarantee? YES!
We are so sure that you will LOVE it that your purchase comes with a full No Risk
30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!! 
At Brazilian Belle we want to remove every barrier that could possibly get in 
the way to your complete satisfaction.

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